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Temperature range for Jade Plants

i'm having trouble with my boiler at the moment, and the temperature in the room where the Jade Plants are can get down to 12℃ at night. is this something i need to be concerned about, please? at the moment they're in an east facing kitchen window, though not actually touching the glass. should i move them somewhere else while it's cold? thanks.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 82,102
    I’ve come across a few types of plant called Jade plants … the ones I call Jade plants are Crassulas … if these are yours, they’re usually ok down to around 12C, coping best if the compost is dryish. To be on the safe side I’d move yours away from the window overnight during the coldest part of winter … it’s surprising how much chillier it can be next to the glass. 
    Good luck with the boiler. 🤞 
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  • NormandyLizNormandyLiz Seine Maritime, FrancePosts: 63
    My husband's pride and joy is his 50 year old crassula ovata, or jade plant! 

    It (the plant, not my husband) doesn't mind the cold in winter, as long as it's not below 0°. Our house is not exactly warm - the thermostat is set at 14°C and it gets well below that at night, and the crassula is looking fantastic. The worst it's doing is shedding the odd leaf, but nothing major. 

    The main things to avoid are draughts and overwatering, particularly the latter.

    There are undoubtedly others that are more experienced with succulents but that's our understanding and, as I say, our crassula is looking fantastic.

  • bédébédé Surrey Hills, acid greensand.Posts: 1,271
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    Many plants don't like prolonged cold, especially if their compost is wet.  As far as freezing goes, most sap contains anti-freeze (no not the stuff that your car uses and cats drink) so some plants, even succulents can take short periods of <0ºC.
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