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Is this damping off?

Hello all. 

I tried growing onions from seed last year and I couldn't get the seedlings to get more than a few millimetres before they keeled over and died. This year exactly the same thing is happening. I am using a seed compost, seed tray and an east facing window in a central heated room. Glass covering over the tray. 

They sprouted quickly enough but look like little white worms with the seed attached. They are not anchored to the compost sort of lying on top. 

Any experience as my instincts tell me all is not well. My sweet peas are romping away in the same conditions. Thank you x


  • Onion seeds do not need any heat to germinate.
    It sounds as if you are not covering the seeds adequately if they are laying on the surface of the compost. I sowed some onions in the autumn and used perlite to cover them. 
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    I don't grow onions, but you're cossetting the sweet peas far too much. They'll get very leggy due to lack of light at this time of year. You'll have to keep pinching them out, harden them off gradually over the next month to 6 weeks, then get them outdoors with some basic protection, or they'll just become weak, etiolated plants.
    If you keep them in a heated room indoors, and especially if they're covered as well, they'll run out of steam, and/or get too big and weak before you can get them outside in suitable growing conditions, unless you live in a very mild part of the country. Soft growth is far more vulnerable to pests and frosts too.
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