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Have my garlic bulbs died?

Hello everyone. 

Basically I have garlic growing in large pots but since the hard frost they have gone quite limp and some of the outer leaves are slimy. Interestingly the allotment batch are very perky but they are directly in the ground. 

Will they recover any experience please?

Thanks x


  • As you have discovered, Garlic are best grown in the ground.  Planted Aug/Sept and ready to harvest some 9 months later.
    It sounds as if your pots have been affected by heavy/prolonged frost.  You could turn them out and see if they are beyond help.  They don't always welcome transplanting at this stage but if you can rescue some. you could try replanting and see what happens :)
  • @philippasmith2 thank you. I have pulled a few up and they are all mushy. I got a large crop from those pots last year. Must have been the extreme freeze we had. Funny because I was thinking they would like the cold weather. Oh well at least the allotment ones are doing ok ..I think

    Thanks again 

  • @Blondie73 Yes, I've lost several plants (overwintering in the GH) this time and I'm in coastal Somerset.  I think a lot of us were taken unawares and then it was too late to save stuff.
    I love garlic so can understand how peeved you must have felt. Fingers crossed for those ones at your allotment  :)
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