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Shrub suggestions please

Hello everyone. We have recently had a new drive which took part of our front garden and we decided to get rid of the failing lawn (I'm not a fan of grass and it was always full of moss anyway) and replace the area with a shrub bed. The aspect is more or less North facing and slopes down to the house so the top is drier. We have quite heavy clay soil here but we have covered and mulched it with compost to try to improve it. We have added a mixed hedge at the top and to the side there is a large beech hedge so much of the area is in shade for some of the day. We would like to plant densely with shrubs so its low maintenance, but want to be wildlife friendly. I don't mind a but of pruning and shaping a couple of times a year. I wonder does anyone here have any suggestions?


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,353
    Hi @melonstar - how big is the area you need to plant? Do you live in a wetter or a drier area? That will also be a factor. The hedge may take up a fair bit of moisture too, but in wet areas it doesn't always make a big impact. What else will you use to cover the area - ie gravel or bark etc, or do you mean you want the whole area full of shrubs?

    A photo will help too. The icon that looks like a hill is the one for uploading pix. Keep them small to help with loading - around 1MB is ideal.  :)
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    Do you want short shrubs, tall shrubs or a mixture?
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    I would start with what you like.  Only you know.
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