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Winter Sowing for 2023

YessicaHaircutYessicaHaircut Sussex coastPosts: 114
Thought I'd start a Winter Sowing thread for 2023. I'm not at all organised this year. I have a 'short list' (way too long list) of seeds I'd like to grow this year, but have been quite overwhelmed with everyday life and caring responsibilities these last few months and really unmotivated to do anything gardening related - sadly lots of seedlings were neglected and never planted in the ground. But I am definitely going to winter sow - it might just take me till later in January to get it together this year.

So I will come back to the thread and post when I've got my act together. One thing I know I'll definitely do is sow seeds I saved from some of this year's winter sown plants. I found I really loved that process, having never harvested seeds before. The cyclical process is very appealing to me. 

Are any of you planning any winter sowing in the coming weeks? Here's a quick intro to the method if it's unfamiliar.

And last year's thread:


  • I always try to sow my onion seed on New Year's Day.
    Sweet peas and Broad beans will be next month.
  • chickychicky SurreyPosts: 10,295
    I’m about to start my sweet peas and pickling onions 🧅. Makes January go faster if there are shoots to look forward to 🌱
  • borgadrborgadr KentPosts: 543
    I already sowed some of my snapdragons last month. They germinated quickly on a windowsill (quite a cool one) and are now in the greenhouse. 

    I'm going to try sowing some Cosmos and Salvia later this month (something to do on a rainy day!) though I know there's a chance the Cosmos will grow leggy that early. I'll sow another batch of both a month or two later to see if there's a difference.
  • kippsattackskippsattacks Midlands, IrelandPosts: 21
    I'm giving it another try. Last week of December I've planted a good few perennial flowers, such as astrantia, Agastache, roman chamomile and wild annuals saved a couple of years ago. So far germination is very good on most annuals. I just have to move them to the shade as soon as they all fully sprout, think my seedlings were overheated last year.
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