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Dicksonia antarctica-dead?!

Hello, I have two tree ferns - dicksonia antarcticas - that have survived two winters. I have just checked on them and seen the current fronds were hanging down and dead and a bit mushy, the croziers inside also mushy!! After a google search where it was advised to scoop these mushy croziers away (!) to allow for new growth. I did this...what I now have inside the trunk is a white bumpy cortex which I have recovered with the fur and fleece on top. Do you think my tree ferns are dead with no chance of recovery? 


  • Welcome to the forum @abigailchalloner
    Our tree fern died in Spring 2021 with the frost, but a new side tree started to grow over the summer. Since then I take the barrel post into the entrance hall in case of frost. 
    Just let it stay and protect it from frost. If there is no new grow over the summer, you can think about disposing them. 

    I my garden.

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