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Elephant Ears (Tigre) and Dwarf Musa Bajo

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

My indoor Elephant Ear Plant was doing so well but now black spots on all leaves edges. I only water if top dry and mist weekly. Top is moist atm - over watering caused this? Should i re-pot in fresh compost? ☚ī¸đŸ¤”

Also my Dwarf Musa Bajo leaves keep going crispy brown. Same as above? Over watering? Should I re-pot in new compost or let both these plants dry out?.🤔

Any advice much appreciated!


  • Hi, brown tips on bananas is normally because they are too dry. Is the spot for these plants bright or is it always dark like in the photo's? Bananas can suffer leaf issues in the winter when they are really growing strongly. Radiators or heaters can also reduce humidity.
  • The Elephant Ears is getting light from a window nearby but there is a de-humidifier in that room.

    The Dwarf Musa Bago is in bathroom, in a corner with a window above so a room that gets indirect light.

  • It could just be that they are a little tatty then because it's winter. They are both tropical species and would naturally be getting far more light in the winter than they do here. The good news is that the banana will likely romp away in the spring when light levels increase.
    I'm not an alocasia grower but I know they can have a natural semi dormancy as well and it can be hard to create the conditions these are naturally found in in our homes, especially with humidity and heat changing throughout the day. 
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