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Christmas food

Having refilled my feeders, the first time since stopping feeding them due to the Avian Flu which is rife down here, also my neighbour has chickens, I noticed an almost complete absence of birds coming in to feed so far. This morning, however, some Great Tits had discovered the feeders and were screaming their heads off, from a nearby Hawthorne, to let everyone know there was food around again. I have noticed before, it takes a few days for the birds to find the food so hopefully, we are now back on track.


  • CatDouchCatDouch South Devon Posts: 159
    Ahh it’s such a lovely moment @Joyce Goldenlily when they rediscover the bird feeders, you must be so pleased 😊
  • I am very happy. The garden has seemed so still and quiet. I am very lucky as I have a really wide range of birds visiting my garden.
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