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Aeonium in this very cold weather



  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,736
    edited December 2022
    Ours are only little so they came into the studio before the cold wet weather started … it’s not warm in there (artists with mittens on) but it’s above freezing and dry 🤞 
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  • Juniper4Juniper4 Posts: 79
    I've only just seen this post. I left mine in an unheated greenhouse and the same happened.
    I've cut away the flower heads and am now left will a sad looking trunk/main stem. Kicking myself for not bringing it indoors, as it happened to the same plant the previous year. But it grew back after I cut back the dead flower heads and when the weather got better I put it back out side and it came alive.

    I hoping that it will happen again in late spring when I put it back outside. 
  • janetfossjanetfoss Posts: 243
    edited 19 March
    Mine is very much like yours, @Juniper4. It was a giveaway from a kind neighbour and although it was left dry in a sheltered spot, I think the cold got to it before I could bring it in. I hope it'll come back, but I'm not feeling optimistic.
  • janetfossjanetfoss Posts: 243
    I've just been looking at some gorgeous Aeoniums on a Succulents site I'm signed up to and oh, I'm tempted!
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