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Screening garden from neighbours when it rises up from the house



  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 10,792
    It's probably because you have had the tree removed and have not yet had a chance to get used to the space without it that you now think it's a problem. Give it 6 months and I guarantee it won't be so much of a worry.

     Our garden slopes up from the house much like yours with other houses at a much higher level at one side and at the back. There are numerous windows overlooking our garden - we can't do anything about that and just got used to it, it's no use fretting over things you can't change. This is a hilly city and people just accept that most houses/gardens will be overlooked.

    As for seeing the children from your office, are they really young ones or at school most of the time? Would it be possible to site your desks at right angles to the window and look the other way?

    Nollie's suggestion of opaque film on the windows of the proposed home office is a really good one.
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  • We have wooden slatted ‘Venetian-type’ blinds on our windows. We can easily alter the slant of the slats to obscure the view downwards and still allow daylight and sky views into the room. I think that they would work well in an ‘upstairs office’ window. 
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  • flipjangoflipjango Posts: 13
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    Thanks @Dovefromabove @Lizzie27 @Nollie but I WANT to see my garden, just not theirs. I find sitting looking out at the garden very inspiring for my work as a writer. Not so inspired by watching other peoples kids playing football. I work at the weekends and after school time too so they're only at school some of that time.

    The more I think about it, the only real problem area that needs screening is the south west corner of the patio. This would stop my being able to see into their garden and also stop them being able to see into our garden as clearly. Tall plants there won't block any light to the kitchen as the back doors face south so they will be in the sun most of the day even with very tall plants. There is an alleyway on the west side so any plants in this corner would be to the side of the kitchen doors and roof windows and shouldn't block too much light. 

  • B3B3 Posts: 24,426
    I like to look out of my upstairs window and gloat at my garden. I have to withdraw if there's someone out next door because it looks like I'm watching them - particularly if I'm looking at the birds through my binoculars. But that's urban life😒
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  • Ha ha @B3, but I live in rural surrey! 
  • SYinUSASYinUSA Posts: 178
    We have a similar situation, only we're on the high side. I removed a ragged photinia only to realize it had been screening the view directly into the neighbor's yard. Oops! I believe they're fairly fast growing, but I'm not sure about growing it in a pot.
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,735
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    I think you’ve nailed it @SYinUSA … it seems both sides miss the tree that’s gone. 
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  • NollieNollie Posts: 6,742
    Well you could flip a graduated film on it’s side with the more frosted bit running vertically on their side if that would work to screen their garden but not yours from your office. Or a thin muslin curtain just drawn over the offending view of children likewise. If that doesn’t work with the sight lines it’s simply a case of choosing which is more important to you. 

    Looks as if you have a solution to screening the south-west corner of the patio at least and once you get your garden office set up that will be much easier to screen with pergolas etc., with no house light-blocking issues.

    Japanese garden design has a poetic concept called ‘the glorification of the glimpse’ which values small views and vistas that change as you move around, so the whole garden is not revealed as a single entity. Might be something worth exploring.
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  • Sadly for the next few years at least @Nollie  my garden is basically a football pitch. There would be a mutiny if I tried to close any of it off. I think we're mostly going to be stuck with trying to work in some immediately tall plants around the edges and some potted bamboo on the patio. I'm rather averse to net curtains and window film I'm afraid. 
  • PlantmindedPlantminded Posts: 1,933
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    Although they remind me of offices and waiting rooms, a vertical blind which is carefully angled so that you see just your own garden would also work in your office window - it might be appropriate there!  You could choose a colour which compliments or enhances your office decor, not the normal white/buff colour.  They are also available in different widths and fabrics which can give a more contemporary feel. Some houseplants will also help to create a sense of calm greenery.
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