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Storing spring bulbs


I have a load of bulbs to plant but the cold weather has got ahead of me. The ground is frozen! 

They arrived last weekend and are mainly tulips but I also have some Fritillaria’s too. 

How would you store them till it warms a bit or would you just get them in the ground? 



  • Wild_VioletWild_Violet ScotlandPosts: 137
    I have a similar issue and am going to plant the bulbs in pots until I can get the ground opened. It’s solid as a rock here!
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Billericay, EssexPosts: 9,854
    Id keep them somewhere cold and dark for the time being like an outside shed or garage.
    The weather is set to improve a bit by the end of next week then with a bit of luck you can get them in the ground.

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  • Thanks for your advice! 

    I have tucked them away in the garage. I’ll pot them up if it looks like it’s going to be sustained. 
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