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Musa Bajo - Pups

Afternoon! Chilly one here in Cornwall!

I have wrapped up all my musa bajo's with fleece and hessian for winter.

Cut off a few pups and potted up, mulch on top.

I am unable to bring them indoors this year and put on my spare bedroom window ledge like I used to.

So my neighbour has kindly let me use her greenhouse which is unheated. 

I have put fleece bags over each of the pots. Is this the right thing to do? Or no fleece bags better?

No windows open and door closed. Will check them every week.

I left them outside last night and put a fleece bag over but the cold/frost still got to the leafs ..went bit black so cut them off.

Will they survive and develop a bit in greenhouse until spring?

Any advice or tips much appreciated! 


  • Being smaller I think they will benefit from as much protection as you can give them at this stage. I don't know how cold it's going to be where you are but we had a touch of frost forming in our shed last night and it's not likely going to thaw for the next 8-10 days. Our musa basjoo is wrapped up with all the foliage chopped off and the pups covers over underneath. 
    Light isn't that important at the moment as they will be going into a hibernation type state and it's the roots we really need to consider. As they get bigger they become hardier but can still be cut back to the ground by winter cold. I would, if these were mine, cover them to try and help stave off the frost. They won't really begin to grow until the days lengthen and the weather becomes warmer but you can take the fleece off to air them when the weather allows.  
  • Thank you for advice. I will check them next week once this hard frost has stopped. 
  • With babies like yours, I would be inclined to wrap the pots to avoid them being frosted.
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