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What to put in this tricky location outside shed

Hi everyone, we've just got our new garden shed set up. As you can see there's around a foot's gap (circled out in red in the photo) between the shed and the edge of the raised platform (we are on a sloped site, and there was originally a concrete platform for an old garage). We will be adding another window on the side of the shed to look down to the garden.

We are wondering what we can put there, mainly to stop kids (if any in future) venturing there and falling off. Some pots and planters maybe? But will they block out air circulation around the shed and cause issues? That area is facing southwest so gets full sun. Any ideas and comments are much welcomed!  :)


  • 🤔 what’s this side of the ‘plinth’? Could you plant a hedge … a beech or evergreen perhaps … and by the time you hear the patter of tiny feet and they’re big enough to play unsupervised in the garden, it would be taller than the plinth and prevent anyone stepping off it, while leaving the foot of access for maintenance etc of your very smart shed. 😊 

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    I'd just insert trellis attached to posts each end. Then if you wanted to, you could plant something in front to climb up it. Much lower maintenance than a hedge I think, good though Dove's suggestion is.
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  • I had thought that a 12” gap wouldn’t give a lot of room for maintenance etc whereas a hedge might give a little more ‘flexibility’. 

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • Thanks for the lovely ideas! @Dovefromabove @Lizzie27

    This side of the raised platform is our garden, and we plan to use the area in front of it as a veg/fruit patch as it gets the best sunshine. Will grow runner beans, raspberries etc there. Maybe they can act as a hedge as well. 

    Otherwise I love the trellis idea, though how do you erect posts on concrete ground...?

    The cladding of the shed is all pressure treated, so hopefully will not need much maintenance. We are also trying to think about a way to grow some climbers (e.g. roses, clematis) on that wall if possible.

    Thanks again!  :)
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    You'd put posts in the ground in front of the platform and then trellis or wires between them, depending on what you want to grow.  I'd be inclined to use the rusty wire mesh you can buy at a builders' merchant as that is strong enough to support roses, celmatis etc but also pumpkins and soft fruits like tayberries, blackberries that need support.
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