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Greenhouse sensations

I have been trying to buy an Xmas present from Greenhouse sensations. I am a huge fan and believe there are lots of fans of theirs out there. There website seems down and unresponsive. In addition, a number of their distributors (like Harrod Horticulture) now have notes such as "discontinued" or "out of stock" against their products.
Have they gone out of business?


  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,845
    Never heard of them but poked around and found this
    last post about a month ago but previous posts more frequent

  • Website seems to be up and running again 
  • But when you click on an item it says: Unfortunately, we cannot process any orders at the moment. We will be back online as soon as we can. Apologies for any inconvenience It has been like this for ages.  Are they going out of business? Into administration?  
  • You can get some of their products from Mr Fothergills / D T Brown - I have just got some quadgrows from them (delivered within 3 days of order). GHS still not accepting orders. 
  • I was digging around their social media as I wanted to buy a few things and there's a comment on the most recent Instagram post that they've gone into administration. I got quadgrows last spring and was hoping to get a Vitopod soon but obviously that's not likely to happen. Looks like it might have happened around November. 
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Billericay, EssexPosts: 9,850
    Vitopod propagators are available widely.
    I've had one for about 5-6 years - very pleased with it.
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  • TheVanguardTheVanguard Posts: 128
    Oh no they were an excellent company always got good service from them, hope they all have a better new year 
  • Phil92Phil92 Posts: 8
    Latest - registered as insolvent on 1st December and now have the administrators in there. I am sure this company would be a good buy and/or fit for one of the big seed firms so crossing my fingers that somebody takes it up and continues to produce their excellent products.
  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy North London Posts: 5,817
    What a shame,  they were very good and always helpful,  I  have a vitapod propagator,  and the quadgrow, pots. Glad I stocked up on pot "wicks" and feed last year.  I  guess that's part of the problem tho once you have these products they don't generate much in the way of repeated sales. 
    I agree with others,  hope someone takes them on. 
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  • Phil92Phil92 Posts: 8
    You can make your own "wicks" - just buy a role of capillary matting and use the old wicks as a template. Not sure how long the stocks of nutrigrow in the trade will last but there are very good alternative two stage feeds (the two stage bit is important for the supply of calcium salts) as they are widely used in hydroponics.
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