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Ammi majus

My Ammi majus seeded prolifically this year and I now have a lot of strong, healthy seedlings, most of them a foot or more tall. Naturally they have decided to grow in all the wrong places and I am quite tempted to pot some up to overwinter and replant in the spring. I know the perceived wisdom is that they don't like root disturbance but I wonder if anyone has actually tried transplanting them? Many thanks.


  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,609
    I grow my seeds sown in Autumn, in modules, in a cold g/h and transplant them in the Spring. They do fine treated that way.
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  • It's easy not to disturb the roots if they are grown in a seed module and I think the advice is directed more towards those which have self seeded and are dug up. I must admit I've done it many times and never noticed a problem. They have a tap root but with a gentle tease from a spade, thrust deep, they come out and can be replanted without them noticing.
  • That's really helpful, thank you. I think I'll dig up a few, put them in pots and see what happens. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,353
    Quite a few plants with deep tap roots can be moved - with care, as long as they haven't been in too long, so it's definitely worth trying  :)

    We had a thread the other day about moving verbascums [I think] and the general advice was the same. I mentioned also moving fennel which had been in for a year or so, without any problem.  When they're still quite young, it's pretty easy. 
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  • AstroAstro Posts: 425
    I concur, I think so long as you are not damaging the tap root and it doesn't dry out then it's usually not a problem. I've moved lupins that have reputation for being difficult to transplant a few times and they have been fine too and verbascum.
  • Many thanks everyone - I'll definitely give it a go!
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