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Piri piri chilli plant

edited December 2022 in Fruit & veg
Hi all I've planted 3 piri piri chilli plants  and don't know when to repot them.
They are currently on my windowsill and are about 3 inches tall with 3 sets of leaves.
Any help at all would be appreciated as I really don't know what I'm doing aside from watering them every so often.


  • The first thing to do is to lift them from  their pots and carefully snip open and remove those 'tea bags'. Lots of plants come with them and they are supposed to allow the roots to grow through them. Nine times out of ten they don't and the plants struggle and may even die. When the roots are free you can replant them, preferably a fraction deeper.
    They need as much light as you can give them at this time of year and will need turning regularly to help them grow straight. Don't let them get scorched by too much direct sun (if you are lucky enough to get any!) don't let them get too chilled and be very careful not to over water. It is safer to err on the side of too dry than too wet though a happy medium is best :)
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