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Best plants in my house?

I'm single have a 2 bedroom apartment, I want to put greenery in my home, what's the best and most affordable indoor plants? 


  • wild edgeswild edges The north west of south east WalesPosts: 8,879
    What are your light levels like and how much sun do the windows get?
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  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,933
    Best easy house plants for low to high light levels are philodendron, pothos, and dracaena (snake plant).  Variegated forms are more difficult, slower growing, and need good light - 'they should see the sun but the sun shouldn’t see them' or even a bit of eastern direct light for a few hours.  Error on the side of under-watering rather than over.  Stick your finger into the pot up to a few inches below soil level, and only water when it's dry.  They all tolerate low levels of light, but will grow much slower.  They do fine with grow lights set on a timer, I have them in my classroom with no windows in the middle of the building, and they are growing and thriving with a 12 hour growlight on them.  They are all easy to propagate in water and plant up the cuttings for tons of free plants.  The vines prefer to climb, and do far better and are healthier if they let them.

    If you have bright rooms and are looking for something more interior design, then a fiddle leaf fig, monstera, rubber tree, or dracena are all easy options - as long as you have the right soil, pots with good drainage, good light, and get the watering to their preferred amounts.  You will get some leaf drop if you underwater too frequently.  I check mine once or twice a week by sticking my finger into the soil to see if it's still damp.  A little more work than the previous ones, but not too hard for a beginner and well rewarding due to the large size and structure. 

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  • Arthur1Arthur1 Posts: 533
    All the tradescantias are easy to propagate and thrive in a wide range of environments. Buy small and cheap from supermarkets. They will adapt to your house. Also spider plants. Swiss cheese plants will give drama. Don't move them around, allow to establish. Keep as close as possible to windows so they have good light.
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