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Topping Western Red Cedar?

JLodgeJLodge Posts: 26
Last January I planted a hedge of root balled Western Red Cedar, 1 - 1.25m in height, it's grown really well this past year (thank you again for the advice from various people on here), all plants have grown outwards and upwards with some being around 1.8m at the tip. 

I would like the hedge to grow to at least 8ft in height eventually, perhaps more. I have been advised by a few people to cut the tops off each plant as they say it will make them bush out even more. Will this hinder their vertical growth? If not, how much should I cut off the top?


  • bédébédé Posts: 3,070
    If you want them to stop at 8ft, stop them at 6 ft (-ish). You will have difficulty keeping them to 8ft. but unlike leylandii they will grow from brown wood.
     location: Surrey Hills, England, ex-woodland acidic sand.
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  • JLodgeJLodge Posts: 26
    Thank you, I think that it will be more than 8ft tbh, there is established leylandii that is already about that tall which I would like to grow more as we get double decker buses driving past. Eventually the WRC will catch up and everything can be the same height.

    Will clipping 6" off the top of the WRC make the plant bush out, will it hinder vertical growth?
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