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How to get rid of moss?



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    Not Jeyes Fluid, but I read somewhere that modern disinfectants are odourless. A disinfectant smell is added to convince people that it must be doing a good job.
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    The "odour" from disinfectants is from the their early original pine-derived chemicals. Later more economicaaly from coal-tar as cresylics and phenolics;  They work, every farm , every zoo and every stable uses them.  I can't answer for hospitals.  But I don't think hospitals would be influenced by aroma.
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    Sprinkling on baking soda (on a dry day) worked for me. 
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    @pebblesbrennan4PC0yPWI hasn't returned, so we're only speculating as to the situation.
    We need info and a photo if possible, to determine the area - size etc, and it's use. If it's next to planting areas, for example, there needs to be a suitable approach, otherwise those 'home remedies' suggested do huge amount of damage to all sorts of vital insects etc, as many of us have said. 
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    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • Another vote for Patio Magic. Dry conditions with no rain that day needed. Brush off the following weekend. 
  • I was at a Garden Club meeting the speaker suggested Jeyes Fluid. There were about 150 people in the room and there was a big intake of breath all around the room. A group of club members spoke to the committee afterwards and asked that this speaker should never return to the club again as this type of recommendation was not appropriate. 

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