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Basket/Continer for GW offer ‘ Black Cascade’ Trailing Blackberry

Hi all

Ive just ordered the above and have been thinking about the basket for it. I’ve a lot of traditional wire baskets but the picture for the advert shows a solid rattan type basket. I was wondering if there was a reason for this such as reducing water loss, or is just what it was put put in for the photo.Anyone got any thoughts?


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    I can't see the basket you refer to @Mickgall, but I don't see any reason why you'd need that.  :)
    I think the rattan baskets are plastic lined, so that will be an advantage, but if you can do something similar with what you have, I'm sure it'll be fine . 
    I've used wire baskets for plants -strawberries for example, and to avoid too much water loss, I line them with plastic, but before I put the plastic in, I line them with something else, so that they're a bit more attractive. Even an old bit of landscape fabric will do, or if you have an old top or jumper, that would work well   :)
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    I agree - choose the material you like best.
    I'd get the biggest basket I could find for a blackberry too - they're enthusiastic plants to say the least!

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  • Thanks both, I usually line the baskets with moss from the lawn and some cut up compost bags. I’ll carry on with that, although I might try a coir liner and a plastic one to see if there’s any difference.
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    April the first?
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    Braidman said:

    April the first?
    Why would you think it’s a spoof query?  

    Primocane blackberry ‘Black Cascade’ is available from several retailers and sold for growing in hanging baskets. 

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