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The apple tree. Benefits from microbes to humans. Courtesy of the Guardian.



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    Obelixx said:
    Since Brexit, I have not seen Cox's Orange Pippins or Braeburn on sale, despite their being of French origin so imagine my delight this summer at finding a new nursery being set up by Scots who've left their plant nursery business in Scotland to set up in the Deux-Sèvres just over an hour away.   I now have a Bramley, Cox and Braeburn to plant out and I'll be looking for a crab apple like Everest to help ensure good pollination.

    Looking forward to blossom, foliage, fruits and all the wildlife they attract plus the fun the hens will have when they provide shade and fruits.
    The planting of a tree, our contribution to this planet. The planting of a fruit tree even more so. Let us  know in due course how your new trees progress. Especially when you start to see the fruits of your labour. 🍎🍏🔜
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