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Pruning and climate change.

When looking up pruning times for various plants I find that they now all seem at the wrong time in the season.
Given that climate change has resulted in birds nesting up to 3 weeks earlier should we be taking this into account when cutting back?
I am cutting down my clematis now (Nov) rather than spring.
We are told to cut back some plants after flowering but what if they never stop!
I suppose we all just have to play it by ear now!!!

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  • WoodgreenWoodgreen Posts: 1,273
    My viticella clematis are usually a dead tangle by now so I remove the bulk of it leaving 3ft or so then down to 1ft in February.
    But they're still green and even flowering.
    I think you have a point, we:ll have to go by what the plants are doing but keep an eye on the forecast if freezing might affect things.

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