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Hi all I'm thinking of growing peas next year  in a big planter..any tips or things to beware of?


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,528
    That is a lovely idea. Just a word about things that like to eat pea plants.......protect the plants when they are young as they can disappear overnight and being in a pot is no protection against the evil little ******** that will snatch them from you before they have barely germinated. I'm talking mice, slugs, snails, anything with a penchant for salad sprouts. I find plastic drinks bottles are great covers that help get veg seedlings to the toddler stage and a wire mesh cover on the pot can stop birds from eating the leaves before they have a chance to photosynthesise. The alternative to the full fortress is to get the plants going under cover away from the creatures that wish to take advantage of your generosity.
  • Ha ha yes I remember my mum growing them and there was a mouse sat there with a pod open on its knee's taking a big bite of pea!
    Thanks for the tips 😀 
  • Hi all I'm thinking of growing peas next year  in a big planter..any tips or things to beware of?
    I think they'll do fine. Keep well watered & you should get a good crop.
    I grow Kelvedon Wonder & Ambassador. I sow now in an unheated greenhouse (actually I sowed them about 3 weeks ago in modules) for an early crop & to avoid Pea Moth & mildew. Although I can't really say I've ever had an issue with Pea Moth. I grow them in raised beds.
  • I haven't got a green house but a nice sheltered garden. Some of it is in sun so I'm thinking of a sunny spot thanks for the info I will try those varieties 
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    jillwoodhead72  I'll throw in Hurst Greenshaft as my favourite variety but, as a devotee of 'opportunist salvaging', I always keep a couple of dozen 5 litre clear plastic water containers in the shed for use as mini-cloches with their bottoms removed.  Kept on strings, suspended from rafters, they take almost no room, but are always there for your sort of need, held in place with sticks.
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