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My Grape vine again

I posted questions 2 yrs ago regarding my grapevine, it didn't seem to want to grow. I purchased it 3 years ago and planted it correctly with a large hole of rotted manure, during the first year I fed and watered it, it grows in the ground and I led it through a hole in my Polytunnel. So the plot thickens, at the end of last year I took the advice and pruned it back to around 9 inches tall, all that was left was 3 brown stems, this year i noticed that shoots had grown out from each stem just below my cut, the vine went absolutely wild, I had to tie vines to wooden poles that I secured in the tunnel, I ended up with 4 if not 5 healthy vines, and I got around 15 bunches of delicious black seedless grapes, I was over the moon. Now my problem is that I once read something about only allowing 2 good vines to grow, and not 4 or more, one of the vines is the length of my polytunnel, what should I do now ? two of the vines are very woody and 2 are green, where do I begin, should I just leave the woody ones, and cut back the green ? Help please.


  • tui34tui34 Posts: 3,313
    First of all - it is too early to prune.  January to March is pruning time.  Cut off old wood and prune back new wood to 3 "eyes".
    A good hoeing is worth two waterings.

  • Does it have to be in your polytunnel? We have white grapes outside that we do prune back but also ones (red) in a greenhouse. But your grapes are black seedless so do need protection. We prune back outdoors and in the greenhouse late winter early march.
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