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Are there any food type plants that can be grown in the winter, in a cold greenhouse (in Northern England)?




  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 85,997
    Good morning @947matthews-VFQQcMR and welcome to the forum  :)

    Lambs lettuce would grow in beds or growbags or similar in an unheated greenhouse ...

    info here

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    Hi @947matthews-VFQQcMR and welcome from me too,

    I keep pots of mint and parsley in mine and they seem to do well.
    Might try coriander this year. It always goes to seed too quickly in the summer.
    I also have some troughs with strawberry plants in so that I can harvest them much earlier next year.

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  • Thanks for your suggestions. Was thinking about lettuce so might have a go. I used to grow coriander for the seeds, great in curry. Would they go to seed in an unheated greenhouse though?

  • You could try pak choi. They wont get as robust but still worth a go.
  • Pak Choi, don't know that one but will check it out, thanks.

  • At the moment I have a couple of large pots, one with a dwarf kale and the other with Cavalero kale growing in them. They are doing well and I have some more small plants coming on. I just pick a few leaves as and when I want them. You could try a large pot of potatoes for Christmas, a pot of Spinach or Chard possibly and I have just bought a packet of onion seeds that can be sown in Sept. a bit late but I am going to try a few seeds in a pot. They will not be ready before Spring.
    Cropping veg. will not grow vigorously during the winter and most need warm soil and plenty of light as well as warmth. Experiment.
  • Thank you for your suggestions. Will definitely try some. Waste of a greenhouse otherwise.
  • Look up Charles Dowding on YouTube or buy his Winter gardening book. You are a little late for many things though, they should have been started off in August/ September. 
  • LunarSeaLunarSea Posts: 1,623
    Well it was cold enough last night to see off all our Nasturtiums in the garden. Just hope my autumn-sown Thalictrum seedlings will be ok in our cold greenhouse. It fell to 0.5°C in there last night and will probably go below zero tonight. They're about 1.5" tall, in 3" pots & inside an unheated propagator.
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  • Mizuna, mibuna and rocket, will all grow in cool temperatures with the protection of a greenhouse in winter. The other thing to try is micro greens indoors.
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