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Preparing to overwinter chillies

I know they're awkward blighters to overwinter, but I've done my first 'cull' of fruits and trimmed the growth.
Also given them a good 'drink' to take them through the last few weeks of October.
From then on, they will be in a heated tray in the greenhouse, but if the weather turns really cold, I'll bring them into the house (tho' this year, that won't be quite so warm, either!).
I've got picito, Basket of fire and Etna.
I find them very hit and miss, though.
Any tips for success?

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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,836
    I have two plants in the soil in my polytunnel and plan to pot them up so I can stand them under a plastic tent for an extra layer of protection against cold.   i'll be pruning them back and removing any chillies, the idea being to let them go dormant but not die so I have a head start next spring.   If necessary they'll come indoors for the coldest part of winter.

    They're insurance as I didn't have much success with my chilli seeds last spring and then OH weeded the babies as they didn't look like tomatoes.  Doh!

    This RHS video might help you - 

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  • Thanks for the question @Penny_Forthem, and that excellent video @Obelixx. We've grown a lot of chilli's this year and weren't sure what to do with them at all. 
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  • Sweet Chilli Sauce? Dry them. Freeze them. They keep for years.
    I simply pick my chillies when ripe, wash and dry them then put them in a small jar and cover them with white vinegar to use as required. The vinegar can be used as chilli vinegar on salads or in cooking.
    I have tried overwintering them in an unheated double-glazed conservatory. It was a bit of a faff but they did survive and had a head start on others grown fresh from seed. It cannot have made much difference to cropping etc. as I do not remember any spectacular results.
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