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Hoorah my goji Bush has finally fruited

But when do I eat the berries? They start out red, but I guess they could be quite bitter if I eat them straight away. Anyone any tips as to when to pick them?

no idea why I only have one thin branch of berries and none anywhere else!


  • Well done! I  had one for several years and it never fruited. Plenty of flowers but not a single berry. I am guessing you should wait until the berries turn black.
     I wonder if the heat this summer is what Goji need to fruit.
  • KeenOnGreenKeenOnGreen Posts: 1,824
    No fruit for us either, we got rid of ours.  Well done! 
  • Goji berries notoriously take a long time to fruit, some suggest up to 7 years. Also they can be very invasive and thorny, difficult to control, so beware of that. 
  • LilyWLilyW Posts: 41
    I have trapped the bush against the house and it is surrounded by tarmac in the front garden. It dries out easily, so cruelty is the answer! 

  • thevictorianthevictorian Posts: 1,128
    The birds seem to know when they are ripe, so don't wait to long to try one. We had a few and they weren't very palettable so we just dumped them in the corner of our alottment for the blackbirds to enjoy. I think they sweeten off the bush and are commercially pick when they are a vibrant red without any green.
  • SueG1SueG1 Posts: 41
    I think they're very much over-rated, they taste ghastly even when ripe and the bushes are absolute thugs and will take over the whole garden given half a chance! Get rid quickly! We have them growing 'wild' around here in North Norfolk and they're a real pest.
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