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Talkback: Growing daffodils



  • Reply to glen: you might be able to keep the bulbs until next year if you keep them in a cool, dark place. As long as they're not soggy or mouldy they'll be fine to plant. Interesting point about daffodil fatigue, Stopwatchgardener - I think I'm too busy getting excited about what else is coming up to get bored of the daffs!
  • I have some daffodils in pots that have finished flowering and would like to use the pots for other flowers, is it ok to take them out now and store them so i can use them again next year even though the leaves are still healthy at the moment.
  • Does soaking bulbs in Tonic Water work - how long do they have to be soaked??
  • snowdrops always grow better when planted when they still have their green leaves on
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