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Leeks - to trim or not?

I was VERY late transplanting leeks this year (just a week ago).  I had originally decided not to plant leeks at all, then saw a tray for sale in the nursery/garden centre and thought I would give them a go. Not sure they will ever come to anything.  I would usually trim the tops when I transplant them but wondering if that would not be a good idea, give them too great a shock maybe on top of late planting?


  • I plated mine a two weeks ago, I trimmed the roots and the tops and they growing nicely, I grew the seeds a seed tray the transplanted them in to root trainers and ten planted in a deep bed, they wont get has big but you can use them in stir fries, stews. soups, you should be alright.
  • nick615nick615 Posts: 1,468
    With the dry summer mine are very thick, but don't seem as long as usual.  They're know to benefit from a frost, although we've had a couple of feeds already.  I'd try a taste and form an opinion from that.
  • I always trim the roots and tops of my leeks when planting out. It helps the energy to go into the leeks growing without supporting a large leaf and root system.
    I would trim the tops down by about one-third, if you are feeling brave you could also lift the leeks, trim the roots and replant them as they will not be established yet.
  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 4,217
    just don't forget that Allium roots do not split when cut. The plant has to produce a whole new set of roots from the basal plate. The cut roots shrivel and die. so if you trim the roots you ought to also trim the tops.
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