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Rule of thumb?

Being new to all this last year, my borders weren't really planned, more a case of "ooh I like that, chuck it in!" And now I have a bit of a hot mess of flowers and grasses πŸ˜†
Having learnt some lessons, I'll be rethinking that policy for next year but I'm not sure whether I can start moving things around now or wait til spring? Does it depend on the plant, or does the rule apply to everything? The only things I'm certain of are the dahlias. Won't list everything I've got or we'll be here all day.
Thanks in advance 😊
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  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 9,570
    I don't know whether there's any proper scientific background to it, but my rule of thumb is generally to move early-flowerers in autumn and late-flowerers like asters etc. in spring. That way they have time to get themselves settled before their flowering time. Most perennals aren't too fussy, but it's a big ask for something to re-establish successfully while it's trying to form flowers or already in full bloom.
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