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Has anyone here improvised a dibber? I'm going to be planting some tulip/narcissus/crocus bulbs in my raised beds and a dibber would be the best option but all of those I've looked at have a relatively small diameter. Has anyone DIYed one?


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,126
    I bought one for the 600 crocus I planted last year.
    It was useless as the thin end meant that the when the bulb dropped in there was an air-pocket below the bulb.
    In the end I sawed off the tapered end of the dibber so it was just a little wider than the crocus bulbs and it worked a treat.

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  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 10,052
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    Broom handle (or a length cut off one)? The end is rounded rather than pointy.
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  • A slim tree stake cut down to size might work.
    Wirral. Sandy, free draining soil.

  • TheVanguardTheVanguard Posts: 130
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    I’ve made a set of dibbers, all on the smaller side though for cuttings etc, 

    you can buy various lengths of stainless steel rod from eBay (from memory 306 and 316 stainless with the 316 having better rust resistance) cut to pretty much what ever size you want 

    It’s then just a matter of grinding to a blunt ish point and adding a handle 

  • People used to make them from old broken fork or spade handles. If you can find a replacement one you could trim it to the size and diameter you want .
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  • Some really good suggestions. Thanks 🙂

    Also, @TheVanguard that's impressive!
  • For crocus, i just use a finger.
    A proper bulb planter is cheap and saves a lot of hassle with bigger bulbs. 
    Sunny Dundee
  • I was going to say 'four candles', too! o:)
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  • I use a frozen sausage.
  • I use a frozen sausage.
    Would that be a chipolata for crocus, and a black pudding for bigger bulbs?
    Sunny Dundee
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