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Onion set quantities

Confused by numbers! 50-75 (eg) seems like quite a lot to me, no way I have space for that many onions. Is that what they actually mean? 50-75 onions to be planted? Feels like a bit of a dumb question, and I don't recall being this confused last year! Then again, I was clueless about pretty much everything last year, and I was just going at it like a bull at a gate  :D
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  • The sets I buy come in bags of 50, placed at 5" apart they don't take up much room. In the spring I plant 100 sets in a 8' x 4' raised bed with room to spare.
  • I find the quantity of sets usually too much for the space I have. I usually plant about half and give the rest away to friends to plant.
  • nick615nick615 Posts: 1,462
    I think bags generally go by weight.  My last one contained 150 sets so it may be as well to consider that onions can be saved in the right conditions and a particular outlet will sell quantities to  satisfy local gardeners who'll grow enough, year on year, to be self sufficient.  When I lifted our crop this year, we still had 5 bulbs left from the 2021 crop.  Supermarket purchases nil!
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