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Seeds to share

I collected a huge amount of Sweet Pea seeds this year which I'd be more than happy to share, if anyone's interested? I have Matucana and More Scent, and they're all mixed up, so it'll be exciting as you won't know which ones you have til they flower! 😀 Get in touch if you're interested. 
Also, does anyone know how long they'll be viable for? 
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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,261
    If they are fully ripe and dried off they will keep for several years in a dry cool place. If you can get  the glass jars with dessicants in that some tablets come in , they are ideal.  (Ask at the pharmacy, I used to save the jars  after the contents had been used to fill compliance aids) Otherwise a sealed jar with a bag of silica in is good.  Plastic bags are bad , they sweat and rot.  If you have no silica dessicant,  use paper bags.
  • If I can't get paper bags,(I keep the ones you get fresh bakery products in, I have used envelopes in the past,or just bought the seed envelopes on good ol' e bay.  Debating sowing some now. I love the Matucana, lovely scent!
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