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New strawberry patch and raspberry bushes

I am planning on creating a strawberry patch and also growing raspberries in an area of my garden. The area is grassed at the moment so will dig this up to create the space. Any suggestions on the design, ie raised bed. I’ve grown strawberries in troughs with success but wanted to try them in the ground next year. Never grown raspberries before so a complete novice. Any advice would be appreciated. Many thanks


  • Not grown Raspberries in a raised bed only in the ground but others may well have so see what replies you get on that score. Some varieties may suit a raised bed better than others.  Also depends on what depth of bed  you are thinking of ?
    Strawberries, as you have discovered, will do well in decent sized troughs and work well in raised beds too.  Easier to pick the fruit as well  ;)  The benefit of a container ( trough or raised bed ) is that you may find it easier to keep to the 3 year rota for them. 
  • I do find Strawberries are easier to look after in a raised bed , but even if a raised bed is used for Raspberries the bottom has to be open for roots to grow into as the roots do get very big. Even one raspberry plant will need about 4 to 6 feet width and height support. 
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    Be aware raspberries move around a lot. I have just tried to clear them out of a bed they invaded, and it’s been a complete pain, they are still popping up everywhere.
  • I may try the strawberries in a raised bed and the raspberries in the ground next to them. 
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