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Rudbeckia Toto Seeds

I have some lovely Rudbeckia ToTo plants in my garden.
1) If I save the seeds will they come true next year ?
2) If I lift the plants and keep them in the greenhouse will they grow again
    next year?? 


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,941
    Most catalogues seem to class them as a half hardy annual, but Mr Fothergills class them as a half hardy perennial. Nicky's nursery describes them as a biennial, but treat as annual.
    You could certainly try lifting the plants and overwintering them.
    I managed to keep some Rudbeckia "Cherry Brandy" going for a second year after overwintering them in pots in a coldframe, and they put on a good show, but they were definitely running out of steam by the end of the second Summer. 

    Can't answer the seed question though, sorry  :)
  • Thanks for that AnniD.
    No harm in trying.
  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 9,602
    Whether they come true from seed or not depends on what kind of a hybrid it is. If it's an F1 hybrid, seed companies get seed by crossing two specific parents to get the variety they want, but the variety itself doesn't come true from weed, they have to make the cross in controlled conditions every time (which is why F1 seed is often expensive). You might get something nice even if the offspring aren't the same as their parents.
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