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Dying jerusalem artichoke

I'm assuming this has powdery mildew and is drying? They were thriving until 2 weeks ago. They are in a pot because we are renovating and don't have garden beds as yet. I've never grown them, so not sure when it should have flowered, or do they normally die back at this time of year?  Should I dig the artichokes now and eat some, leave them- or not eat at all due to the possible mildew? Any advice appreciated. (Also, if you know how to make the photos upright, that would be helpful!)
Coastal Suffolk/Essex Border- Clay soil


  • The mildew won't make the artichokes inedible ... they'll be fine.  Yes, they die down in the autumn ... I'd probably let them die down a bit more before harvesting ... but it's up to you really.  Enjoy  :)

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • DO NOT PLANT IN THE GROUND OR YOU WILL NEVER GET RID OF THEM! We grow ours in very large pots, which prevents them from becoming rampant. A good bit of advice is to cut the foliage down by 50% in July (ish), if you grow them in pots only. This prevents the pots from falling over, which tends to happen if you grow them in pots, and let them grow to their full height. 

    They are very thirst in pots, but tough as old boots.
  • Some good tips, thank you.  @KeenOnGreen- the pot has fallen over numerous times! I'll know next year to cut them back. thanks.
    Coastal Suffolk/Essex Border- Clay soil
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