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Alpaca Poo

I have been given a couple of bags of alpaca poo (gratefully received), and a quick search of that well known horticulturalist, Mr Google,I understand this can be used straight away without need to allow it to rot down.  I really hope this is the case as I have also been given a number of bags of 3mth old horse poo which I know I shall need to mature.  Has anyone on here have experience of alpaca?


  • Hi @Collareddove,

    I have access to a regular supply of the stuff. Whenever it is brought down to me I just put it into the "holding" bay of our compost heaps ready to be mixed in when I next make a compost lasagne.

    So I've no experience of using it fresh, but this article seems to suggest it should be OK

    Can't believe people actually pay that much for it!

    Bee x
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