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Grape identity and then what to do with it!

Hello, I wonder if anyone can tell me what grape variety I have. The grape flesh is the darkest purple/red and they contain a single big pip. The leaves turn a glorious deep red in autumn. A vague memory from when I bought it 12 years ago is some sort of Pinot but that may be wishful thinking that I could turn out a fantastic wine! I have tried to make wine before, unsuccessfully, probably my technique at fault rather than the grapes and still have a large batch of yummy grape jelly.  So I would also be grateful of other usage ideas...they are a huge faff to strip off their stalks without staining myself and most of the house purple though!!!  Thanks


  • Don't know the variety but many of these grapes aren't ready yet. Is it in a greenhouse? How has watering gone inside or outside?
    We have white wine grapes which we harvested early last week. Now they are (or the juice is ) fermenting in demijons.
    We also have red/black grapes in a greenhouse. How I wish they only had one pip! But they are great eating grapes but if too much we do make wine from the surplus.
    What I do....take the grapes of the stalks by pulling my hand down over the bunch. In a bucket add 6 to 7 pints of boiling water to the grapes. Cover with a tea towel and leave for 3 days to infuse. Strain into another bucket and add 2 and a half lbs of sugar. Stir in and add to the demijon with the wine yeast. Leave until fermentation stops, decant into another demijon to make sure and then bottle. Always works with grapes for us. Home made wine is worth the time.
  • I picked a glut of very similar looking grapes yesterday, at my mother in laws, but hers are ALL purple and slightly larger- no green ones at all.   She has had literally 2+ months of solid sunshine and warmth and no rain till this week. Her area is a coastal micro climate apparently!

    I've been looking up recipes, and lots of American sites call them concord grapes.  They look the same as yours, and the ones I picked.  MIL's are sweet inside, with a single seed and slightly bitter skins. I currently have the juice dripped to make grape jelly tomorrow.

    I also found an Italian harvest cake recipe, grape chutney and roasted grapes.  I haven't tried any of these, but depending how the jelly turns out, I might return for more.  :)
    Coastal Suffolk/Essex Border- Clay soil
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