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Raised. Pond

Asking for a friend. She has a raised pond 1mtrex1mtre. She has outdoor goldfish in there they are fine. She as plants in baskets in little bags that are clipped on the side. Although the plants are healthy the soil the compost smells of rotten eggs. The compost is aquatic. Any ideas how to get rid of the smell. And what's causing it. Thanks in advance


  • ! m x 1 m isn't very large - what's the depth ? How is the pond sited aspect wise ? Aquatic compost shouldn't smell.  What are the bags made of ?  How many fish ?  If waste has built up, that could account for the smell. 
  • zakzakzakzak Posts: 160
    12 fish 600 mm deep the bags are like a leatherette/rubber. The pond water does not smell at all she says. It's the plant
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 53,966
    I think it may be the bags. You can certainly put plants into bags rather than containers, but they'd need to have plenty of holes in them. If those don't, the soil will just become sour. 
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  • Without knowing what the plants are, it's a bit difficult to say isn't it ?  If your friend can sniff each plant and remove the offending one, that would seem to be the best solution.
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