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Help with pear ripening!

Hi there!

I have a pear tree in the garden but unsure of what kind of pears they are - not sure if anyone might be able to help identify from the photos?

They never seem to ripen and would appreciate any advice on how to resolve this please!

Thank you, 


  • They could be Williams. Ours ripens when the skin is yellow on or off the tree. Are you picking them too soon? Do they come of the tree very easily without you tugging? It isn't a conference as their skin is far more brown. The other pear we have is Beurre Hardy but it's skin usually has a red flush (the side facing the sun) and again I don't think it is this one.
  • Pears ripen from the inside out so they are still firm when it’s time to pick them. 

    I pick mine when the stem ‘cracks’ when you lift the peat up to the vertical .., usually only one or two at a time … then they rest in the fruit bowl on the sideboard for a couple of days … by then I just can’t resist trying one and enjoying it. 

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    Pear ripening sequence - rock hard, rock hard, rock hard, rotten. :D
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    I think it was Alan Titchmarsh (or it may have been Monty) that advised to pick your pears when they come off the tree easily, put them in a cool place for at least a week or two, then bring them into a warmer room and wait another week. I believe he also said you could smell them when they are ripe.
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  • I lift them upside down and if it then comes away from the tree it is ripe. The same applies to apples, but more so. 

    I find pears harder to be sure about, but they ripen better off the tree than apples!
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  • Your pears look like Williams but they could be something different that need picking and storing, sometimes until Christmas. There are varieties that never ripen on the tree.
    Have you tried wrapping them in newspaper and storing them in a cool dry place for a couple of months?
  • Pears only ripen off the tree. We have a conference and a Williams. I put them in the fruit bowl,lay a banana on top. You do need to check them daily
     If they overripen,they go in a smoothie.
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