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Raspberry Sawfly

I think l have raspberry sawfly as the some of the leaves on my canes have been stripped to the skeleton. As it’s September should l use a chemical to destroy the caterpillars or will they die off over winter? 


  • Hi @SusanAnn and welcome to the forum.

    The sawfly will pupate in the soil under your raspberries over the winter.  If you can cultivate the soil lightly (don't dig deep, because raspberries are shallow-rooted), birds should reduce their numbers over winter.  I guess feeding the birds in the vicinity might encourage them to search out natural food too.

    Can you find the sawfly?  They hide under the leaves.  If you have only a small infestation it's worth trying to remove as many as possible by hand, or you are likely to have more next year.  (Birds love them so you could collect them for the bird table...)

    Insecticidal soap sprays can be used but you have to spray the undersides of the leaves, as they work by contact with the beasties.

    Good luck!
    Since 2019 I've lived in east Clare, in the west of Ireland.
  • Thank you. Your advise has been very welcome. 
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