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sweat pea autumn sowing

Is it to late early? When do you start them? I will put them straight into their position in the garden. Should I put a bell cloche on top or leave them to it?


  • I live in Kent and I normally sow mine in pots in a cold greenhouse and I usually sow them mid to the end of October. I've never sown them direct in the autumn as it's easier to give them protection from the elements in a cold greenhouse or cold frame, they don't mind the cold but don't like icy winds, under bell cloches you'll have to be careful they don't get too warm on sunny days.
  • You can sow them now, I don't direct sow, because of mice,I sow into deep root trainers, they go in a cold green house or cold frame. Realize not everyone has these. Deep pot, garage/shed/porch, with some light. Keep an eye for slugs, when they get to about 6 inches,I pinch the tops. Perhaps someone who does direct sow,can advise what they do.
  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,362
    Early to mid October here.
    I'm not sure direct planting is a good idea.
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    I would only direct sow in spring, and only if it's into the pots they're going to stay in.
    They're likely to be eaten in open ground otherwise -by mice [the seeds themselves], or by slugs when they germinate. 
    If you sow in autumn, don't cosset them whatever you do. They only need protection from the roughest weather, and definitely no extra heat. They're extremely tough  :)
    Use old compost, or just some garden soil if you don't have seed compost or similar. Most MPC is too nutritious for sowing at this time of year. You don't want lots of soft growth. 
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