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after last fidays prog on wildlife gardening im inspired to improve it in my own garden. any books or links that can be recommended would be great.
Cathy S


  •  Three book suggestions for me, all can be bought second hand via the internet and all easy and enjoyable to read or dip into

    No Nettles Required (Ken Thomson) is worth a read, very good at setting out what you can do and what is worth doing in the space you have available. Based on scientific research project but very readable and down to earth

    RSPB/Adrian Thomas Gardening for Wildlife - covers all wildlife not just birds and very practical guides re creating habitats plus the wildlife you are likely to attract

    Finally Dave Goulsons Urban Jungle - some ideas for making your garden solid life friendly but also very informative on the not so obvious wildlife that can be found in our gardens.

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  • Wow, excellent! thanks for these they sound just right.
  • i like the cicero quote too
  • Kate Bradbury's book "Wildlife Gardening", written in association with the RHS is also worth a look.  She edits the wildlife pages in Gardeners' World magazine.  
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  • thanks somuch
  • RedwingRedwing Posts: 1,439
    Another vote for Adrian Thomas' Gardening for Wildlife, which is excellent and my favourite and contains plant lists of recommendations.
    Dave Goulson's Gardening for Bumblebees is the book by him that I like best.  He's an entomologist with a specialism in bumblebees. This book also states specifics of which plants are good for which insects which is especially useful if you are trying to attract specific species. 
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  • FireFire Posts: 17,332
    Bradbury and Goulson have both written extensively and well on wildlife gardening. Goulson often posts vids on Youtube and is worth following.

    I have these books:

    This one is a plant list

    This one might give some inspiration.

  • they all look tempting! i think a trip to rhs rosemoor biikshop is in order as hopefully they will have at least some of these. thanks everyone for your recommendations. i hope other people find this thread as useful as i have.
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