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Looking for the above.  I know it has cropped up fairly often over the years but the Search facility isn't all that useful.
I did have one in my previous garden but after returning it as non functional, the replacement wasn't much use either.  Unfortunately, I can't remember the name as one to avoid.
Not sure I particularly trust some of the review sites - would much prefer asking for personal info/advice/experience on here.
Appreciate any suggestions you may have  :)  


  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,909
    I'm having a few issues with my new Bushnell camera sadly. The previous one was great but this one goes a funny colour in bright sunlight and the video timer is glitching at night and cutting the videos short. I'm waiting to see if this is a common problem or if there are any fixes. Sometimes these things are user error and settings just need to be tweaked but we will see.
    What's your budget and will you use it mostly for photos or video?
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  • This is the second one I bought myself, the first one broke because it had the computer part one side when you open it and the batteries on the other side. They are connected by a small wire along the hinge, every time you set or review the camera you bend the wire. This wire broke not long after getting it.
    The second one I got I made sure that it didn’t have this and instead just the cover opens so you can set it.
    I don't know about all the technical stuff but it was from amazon and I would recommend it.

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  • @wild edges  Mainly for photos. It's more a question of ensuring that the hedgehog I have seen ( and been feeding ) is not sharing dinner with anything else !!  I would use the video option only to confirm the entry point.  As the garden is entirely walled (except for a tall pedestrian gate with a small gap underneath) and is on a very busy road, I'd like to know from which direction it arrives.  It was only some few weeks ago that I found a dead adult tucked away alongside my garage driveway on the opposite side of the road. Budget would be around £100 .

    @SherwoodArrow Thanks and I'll have a look at that.  Glad you resolved the question of the wire.  It can be very frustrating when something so basic goes wrong.
  • UffUff Posts: 3,199
    The last time this was discussed @philippasmith2 chicky told us about one she had just bought, I think it was a Bushnell. Perhaps she can bring us up to date and let us know what she thinks about it please?
    I borrowed a Bushnell from a ranger for a couple of weeks and it was good. I'm still thinking of buying one but just not got round to it yet.
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  • Any other recommendations ?
  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,761
    This might be of interest but most of the options are above your budget -

  • Anna33Anna33 Posts: 316
    If you're not looking for anything fancy, then I've got one from the lower end of the market - it's a Campark Hunting Trail Cam (T20, I think), and has done me really well. I think the same one seems to go by various different brands online as well, depending on the listing.

    It's not top of the range, but the video quality (and therefore presumably the still-photo quality) was good - way better than I expected.

    The only tip I would give for this is to also buy rechargeable batteries, as it can eat through them if you end up using the video function a lot (like me...!). I also bought a generic ground stake to use with it so I could be more flexible about where I placed the camera.

    Really recommended if you just want a basic one!
  • chickychicky Posts: 10,392
  • UffUff Posts: 3,199
    Is it designed to do that chicky or does it run out of battery power?
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  • Many thanks to all of you.  Gives me some idea of where to look/what to look out for. :)
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