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Agastache propagation autumn

Hi, my agastache have been amazing, all flowered from an early sowing this year, shocked that a small seed would put up a plant like that, that has give everything.

my ? Is …… has anyone sowed autumn seeds of this plant cause I took the ripe seed straight from the plant a couple of weeks ago and I have got lots LOTS of seedlings. 

How do they fair over winter, should I continue to grow them on indoors or leave them in the Cold greenhouse 🎉 or now I know my seeds are good should I wait till early next year again like I did this year x 

Thanks Kim 🌸


  • Which agastache is it? ( ie you sowed from seed , so do you know the variety?) . Some are much hardier than others. Also , ballpark where in the UK are you based ( regarding how cold/wet your winters are)
    Kindness is always the right choice.
  • Hello Desi, it’s agastache blue fortune, it was a seed packet free with a magazine. I managed to get a random white seed too, so I have white agastache seed also. 

    I live in Derbyshire and get quite cold winters x 
  • I'm sorry not to be able to help further ( hopefully an expert will be along soon) but for what its worth I thought blue fortune was sterile ( not grown it, just checked and rhs says that too). Could it be Liquorice blue or something else? ( agastache rugosa liquorice blue)? either way , i think they are both hardy perennials so would think cold frame/ cold greenhouse if they have a few leaves before it gets crazy cold?. 

    Kindness is always the right choice.
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,129
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    If they're in a free-draining compost and the winter isn't too bad then you may get away with keeping them in the cold greenhouse.
    If they don't make it or look really poor by spring, you can sow more.
    Like you I save seed every year from mine and sow in early spring.
    Your magnificent plant puts mine to shame though!

    PS the seed saved from the white plant is unlikely to produce white flowers, but you may get some

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  • You’ve been very helpful, thank you very much. Well whichever one it is, the seeds are up, up and away. Cold greenhouse I think, nothing to lose as I have thousands more seeds for early sowing next year in the house x might even keep a dozen as winter houseplants, they only the size of cress at the moment. 

    Thanks for checking 💪
  • LunarSeaLunarSea Posts: 1,759
    Similar in colour to this one, Blue Boa, which I bought as a small plant. I'll try to gather some seed but I'm reluctant to mess with it yet cos' it has just flowered and flowered and the bees absolutely love it.

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  • Thanks Pete 🙏🏆 was hoping the white would produce white but never mind pal we will see what happens 🤦🏻‍♀️

    wow lunar see that is beautiful x agastache is my new favourite plant. So many bees round mine too, the plants seed bottom to top so I only stripped an inch away with my fingers, and got hundreds of seeds from a small portion. 

    If I find the packet of seeds il let you all know what mine is. 

    Thanks to you all Kim x 
  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,350
    Thanks Pete 🙏🏆 was hoping the white would produce white but never mind pal we will see what happens 🤦🏻‍♀️

    you can usually tell the whites from the darker colours at an early stage by the pigment in the leaves

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • Il keep an eye out for that, brilliant advice, thank you very much. 
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