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Can anyone tell me if it is possible to over winter a sweet pepper in the polytunnel, please? It was planted in March/April, took a long time to get started and has produced few flowers that never germinated. The plant is about 3ft high and is looking very healthy; so at a time when we will soon be thinking about composting finished plants, I am loath to pull out this pepper. Any thoughts? 🙂


  • EustaceEustace Posts: 2,015
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    I overwintered pepper plants last year, on an open verandah; one with a polycarbonate roofing. Of the three, 2 survived and they're now doing well, though they were a bit late to get started. But the quantity of peppers is much less than what a new plant will give. HTH.
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  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,967
    I think you'll struggle tbh.
    Peppers like to be kept a bit warmer than tomatoes so ideally average night temps no lower than about 14c.
    If you can keep the compost just barely damp and don't get any frost you may get away with it if we have a very mild winter.
    I sow mine in mid-Feb and the first were ready to pick a couple of weeks ago

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  • LynLyn Posts: 22,886
    I agree with Pete,  not worth it.
    I sow them mid February indoors,  they take a while to get going.  When the flowers form I always dab each centre just to make sure they’re pollinate.

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  • Thanks @Eustace, @Pete.8 and @Lyn ... I might give it a try, wrap it in fleece and hope for the best! 🙂
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