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Autumn Bliss Raspberry No Fruit

I have an autumn bliss rasberry plant, last year it fruited but this year it has had no flowers or fuit. Any ideas what could be wrong. As advised i cut the canes to the ground late winter.


  • My Autumn Bliss raspberries in my last garden didn't usually start fruiting until late September or October... but I can't see any sign on your plant that there are flower buds forming...  What time of year did it produce fruit last year?  

    My guess, which could of course be completely wrong, is that your plant was mis-labelled, and is in fact a late summer fruiting variety, which will produce flowers and fruit on those canes next year.
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    Could it be lack of water?   My polka under the oak are producing very little. My mums , which were  runners off mine,  have been well watered and producing great big bowls full.
  • It fruited august last year so not sure it was mislabled but i could leave a few canes end of the year to see if that is the can. I've watered them as much as i could with working so not sure what else i could have done. I didnt feed them with any feed but on the net it said its not needed.
  • I've just looked it up and it said that Autumn Bliss grow 1.5M tall yours look higher than that, mine only ever get to about 600mm high and this year are shorter with very little fruit, they usually fruit from July to September.
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    600mm? that's just 2ft which seems very short 
    I grow Joan J (autumn fruiting) which are 1.5m

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