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Foxes: Reinstating fear of humans



  • MikeOxgreenMikeOxgreen Posts: 807
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    @MikeOxgreen No more so than many others if you look around.  Times change as does our knowledge.  Over 70 now, I elected not to have children but that was my choice given a vague peek into the future.  Over population is certainly a problem now but it was not on the public agenda until relatively recently. 
    Whilst you may choose to limit your family to 2 children, I imagine it becomes difficult to stop your own children deciding otherwise.  It goes without saying that a younger generation is necessary to provide sustenance and care for the previous generation. 
    Just the same as in anything we do/use nowadays, some sort of relative scale is necessary.
    David Attenborough has inspired many people over the years and contributed much to our understanding of the natural world.   
    Like DFA, another hypocrite pushing their agenda. I'm actually a shining example of how to be Eco friendly, live sustainably and not leaving a carbon footprint 10 miles wide, but I don't push my beliefs onto others.
    I just get on with it and do my bit. Like charity, it begins at home. Not doing what the heck you like then pointing out that others who do the same are doing it wrong.

    The problem of overpopulation in this country is not new. It's been known for at least the last 100 years, it's just that mankind is selfish and took no notice because plopping out kids is what they're programmed to do. It still continues today, unabated.
    Look at our great leaders, Truss - 2 kids, Bojo 7 !!!
    What is their answer to the problem? Build more houses, build on greenbelt, build on the fields etc.

    The truth is unpalatable for many which is why they get angry.

    (Your post reads like you got to 70 and decided not to have kids btw :p )
  • debs64debs64 Posts: 5,118
    I honestly don’t believe that anyone would choose not to have children based on their feelings about overpopulation. It’s a personal choice but if a person wants children and they are able to do so I don’t think anything will stop them. Many people don’t want children that’s their business and no reason for that choice needs to be given. 
    I have every sympathy for anyone who wants children but is unable to have them. 
  • The "replacement number" of children needed to keep the population stable is 2.1 per couple, @MikeOxgreen.  If none of us had children, obviously there would be nobody to replace us.  The "build more houses on green belt" thing is surely partly because there are now far more single- or two-person households than used to be the case when three generations regularly lived together in one house.

    China's one-child policy, begun in 1980 and ended in 2016, resulted in a skewed population with too many men (male babies being preferred to female), and not enough people of working age to support the over-large number of old people.  And the unpalatable bit about population control is that it inevitably involves abortion and infanticide, as seen in China.  How would you propose limiting family size?
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  • bcpathomebcpathome Posts: 1,299
    So Mike Oxgreen ,we are back to my post of several pages ago …………if we keep building and building and developing where is the wildlife expected to go? If it’s home and hunting ground is gone ,then it will come into gardens ,parks etc .We all must learn to live alongside our wildlife ,accept that this planet is metaphorically getting smaller ,we have the brain to do this ,animals don’t have that ability .
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    This planet has finite resources.  Because of the human population's continuing exploitation of those resources we are now faced with a massive decline in biodiversity and a catastrophically changing climate.  Foxes have adapted to these changes by moving into urban areas where there is an unending supply of food.  Other species, unable to adapt, simply die out.
    It's not that we need fewer of us, it's that we need to be smarter and to work together to campaign against the greed of those who would continue to decimate the planet and whose deep pockets can buy the politicians who could stop this.  
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  • bcpathomebcpathome Posts: 1,299
    Here here 
  • @MikeOxgreen No hypocrisy on my part and certainly no agenda to  push - unlike yourself. 
    If you choose to deliberately misunderstand what I wrote, that is entirely your problem.
    Do you honestly think that you are the only person who lives sustainably ? Is "eco friendly" ?  Is aware of the population problem worldwide ?  Their carbon footprint?
    Get a grip and give over with the constant bragging, sniping and accusations and eventually you may even be taken seriously.
    I would point out that I did suggest to a poster that he/she took a look at your Compost thread as it may prove helpful so I'm guessing you aren't entirely useless - just somewhat lacking in a bit of nous and the means of expressing yourself without resorting to little personal rants. 

  • LunarSeaLunarSea Posts: 1,857
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    How would you propose limiting family size?

    As @Hostafan1 alluded to earlier - one way is to stop making it financially conducive for women to keep having more children.

    We made the decision not to have any children (for several reasons). Why then should our taxes be used to subsidise those who see having children as a way of receiving more state support? As I mentioned earlier, I'm unfortunately very aware that this happens.

    We need to get back to a situation where people live according to their means. The problem is making our leaders think the same.

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  • LunarSea said:
    How would you propose limiting family size?

    As @Hostafan1 alluded to earlier - one way is to stop making it financially conducive for women to keep having more children. ...
    How on earth are the women doing it ... parthenogenisis, virgin birth ... do tell? 😉

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  • debs64 said:
    I honestly don’t believe that anyone would choose not to have children based on their feelings about overpopulation.  
    Sorry @debs64 I'm one and I doubt whether I am alone  :)
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