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Aubergine not developing from flowers?

I'm hoping readers can help.

We sowed, in the greenhouse aubergine black beauty seeds  (B&Q) and they have grown well but the fruit isn't developing from the flower.

The greenhouse is opened each day, doesn't get too hot and they've been watered regularly. 

Any idea's why we've no fruit developing?


  • I have had exactly the same problem.
    Black Beauty seed. sown and grown indoors until the heat arrived when I moved mine outside for insect pollination. Mine have set nucleus baby fruit which has not matured. 
    I have not noticed as many insects around this year so possibly a lack of fertilizers?
    I have just checked my 2 plants. Still flowers developing and again, 1 possible fruit set. Fingers crossed. Better late than never.
  • When were they sewn? Mine, January, I also find they do much better outside.
  • bcpathomebcpathome Posts: 1,268
    My first thought was that they are not getting pollinated too 
  • edhelkaedhelka Posts: 2,350
    When I grew aubergines, they needed hand-pollinating. Even outside, insects just ignored them.
  • pollination is the problem.
    obviously like others said. 
    none of other factors matter. 
  • As @edhelka says we have to hand pollinate aubergines even though we have other plants in the polytunnel that are pollinated by the many insects that come in.
  • McRazzMcRazz Posts: 375
    Keep a small paintbrush in your greenhouse and get pollinating! If you make a daily habit of it it just becomes part of the routine.

    I grow decorative squashes across the greenhouse roof for shade/interest and I occassionally have the same issues with fruit failing to set - it's nearly always down to pollination. 
  • I have a rabbit tail which I use for pollinating. I will try tickling my existing aubergine flowers and see if it tickles their fancy into producing fruit.
  • Have just realised I typed Sewn!! Tut tut. I have a couple of cutting beds in the veg area, have never had a pollinators problem.
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