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Help redesigning my new Garden 🏡!!!

Morning all,

I've recently put feet in my new Garden.
Please see pictures below.
I'm now in desperate need of ideas for next spring.
I've done most of the cleaning and hard trimming part bits.
The garden is WNW facing (300°).

Going out of the kitchen there is a first part of a patio with some old and very uneven slabs.We than go down few steps were this patio continues for another 8-9 Mt with some bushes and roses on the sides.
At the end of the patio we enter into a 8mt square of lawn. The fences on the right need replacing and there is a ugly concrete bit.

Last part is a rectangol of 16 Mt length of lawn where at the end we find some mature tall trees.

So the space is fairly big. I would like to have.

A playing area (a swing or a slide, or both)
A Herbal Garden
A decking (maybe covering the concrete)
And a not so expensive solution to replace those old patio slabs.
Anyone can help with the design?

Many thanks,




  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,165
    edited September 2022
    With regards to the patio slabs, it may be worth hiring a power washer if you don't already have one.
    Removing the weeds and cleaning them up should make a big difference and improve the appearance for the tjme being.
    If any are uneven, you can lift and re lay them using sharp sand as a base.

    As for the play area, that is really up to you to choose the best position. Depending on the the age of your child/children you may want it closer to the house and in view from the windows.  

    Generally speaking, the vest place for a herb garden is close to the house for easy pickings for the kitchen. You could perhaps use those 2 slightly raised beds either side of the path, depending ipon what you want to grow. Some ideas here.
  • Thanks AnniD for your prompt response.

    I decide I'm going to lift those tiles and level them the best I can.
    Also I think I will use one of the beds for the herbs.

    My main issue is what to do with the area where the concrete is.
    I guess I should replace the fences and see what else I could do. Again maybe cover it with a decking area?

    Also there is so much lawn, perhaps having another area with gravel. I would like to have many different zones and the garden is fairly big, so I think I should be able to do it. Ideas anyone?

  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,563
    The slabs are mortar pointed so are probably also laid on mortar; relay any loose ones on a weak concrete mix and repoint. If the mortar is loose throughout, it might make sense to rake out and repoint the whole lot. You can get jointing compounds that wash or brush in making the job easier to do. Ensure they're all stable first though.

    Covering the concrete pads with decking seems viable - if it's a usable space. If it's not somewhere you would naturally want to put a table and chairs etc, I would knock in a timber edge board to hide the edges and lay slate chippings on it. Or, if it's possible to screen it with a hedge or trellis with climbers, just leave it as it is and keep it as a 'utility area' for potting up plants, putting growbags, extra water butts etc.

    Towards the end of the garden you could get rid of the lawn and create a woodland garden with shrubs and perennials growing through bark mulch, with bark paths. Spray off the lawn with glyphosate and dig it in once dead.
  • Hi Loxley,

    Thanks for the great suggestions.

    I'll spray the slabs and level the patio myself, then repoint them. Also I will replace those broken fences by the concrete and probably as you suggested I will put a timber edge and cover it with chipping slates and use it as a utility space for repotting and keeping vases and other things.
    I will try doing this before next spring.

    Than I will definitely look into how to create a woodland garden right at the back with a bench or a seat.

    I will definitely want to create another area in between. But I'll probably wait and see next year.

    Thanks again
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 11,991
    @fabiolittlesYK_iWcd2, may I suggest that if you do intend to use that concrete slab for utility uses (which looks ideal for the job hidden behind the garage) that you do not put slate chippings or indeed any other loose covering on top. The reason being is that it is much easier to sweep up any soil/debris dropped from a potting table and pretty impossible from chippings. Also, with dropped compost etc, it makes a haven for weeds/seeds to take root and then you will have to keep weeding it. 
    North East Somerset - Clay soil over limestone
  • Also think about where you would put a washing line or rotary dryer where washing would not drag against foliage or snag on branches.
    It would be best to replace the fencing before you do any planting etc. as plants are likely to be damaged by feet trampling back and forth.
  • Hi Lizzie,

    Thanks for your advices, if not chipping what will be the best way to cover the not good looking surface than ?

    Thanks Joyce for your recommendations too. Definitely by next spring the patio and the fences needs redoing. Than I will probably have a better idea on how to reshaping the garden.
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 11,991
    @fabiolittlesYK_iWcd2, In the context of all the work you want to do in the garden, the surface of the concrete slab is of minor importance so I personally wouldn't do anything to it. It's only a utility area after all, it's concrete - it does the job well, is hardwearing and easy to clean and is authentic. If you really cannot stand it, you could try painting it a dark grey perhaps or even put a little trellis fence or hedge around it to hide it from you. 

    Those wonky fences are far more important and will probably blow down in the first storm - they are a far higher priority.
    North East Somerset - Clay soil over limestone
  • Thanks again for the advises. Definitely the fences have much higher priority. What the best and economical solution will be ? As you can see there are no post and few trunks on the way 
  • Whoops!  Just discovered the following sitting in my Drafts ... somehow it didn't post ... 

    The concrete area … garden shed … greenhouse … or one of those hybrid sheds that are part shed part greenhouse/potting shed. 
    You’ll be glad you got one. If funds are tight keep a lookout on Freecycle etc and your local  branch of the NextDoor website. 

    Love a project …, 😎 

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

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